Access and Animals

Around Ecocamp the usual rules about shutting gates apply, as well as keeping away from barns and out buildings. The same common sense rules apply to your dogs. We have wonderfully liberal rights of access here in Scotland Scottish Outdoor Access Code SNH so let’s respect them and keep dogs either on a lead or very close control when livestock are about and especially at lambing time in March and April.

The estate surrounding Ecocamp Glenshee belongs to a sporting estate and pheasant shooting takes place from Oct 1st to the end of January. It is a big estate and there are lots of drives so shooting could take place over a wide area.

If you come across a keeper whistling his birds on the hill, this means he is moving them/feeding them. Wait until he is finished  and gives you the nod before moving on.

We publish shooting times in the Bothy when the estate provides them.