Do We Take Dogs?

No - we WELCOME Dogs

We welcome most pets.

Tell us the names of your dog/s and we will provide

  • personalised feed bowls/
  • a bed and
  • homemade dog treat!

All the part of the service!!

The open wilderness is an ideal holiday location for dog owners, with acres of heather moorland to bound through.

We also have lots of dog friendly activities available such as Kayaking with your dog and mass dog walks.



Watch this space for our special Dog Weekends.

Please do be considerate to farmers and gamekeepers and keep your dogs on a lead when you can see other animals, both farm stock and wild animals. 



Due to the Covid 19 outbreak we have sadly decided to close both Ecocamp Glenshee and Llama Trekking Scotland. Anyone with bookings, please get in touch via our website and we will sort out new dates once the crisis has passed.

We will continue to sell vouchers for both our businesses.

Thank you all for your understanding and support. Please do what you can to support local businesses, where ever you live, during this crisis and remember that once it has passed we will all really need your business.