Green Statement

At Ecocamp Glenshee we want to help you focus on the important things in your life. Slow down your life a little and leave your daily worries and stresses behind. Focus on tranquility, nature, loved ones and friends. Small changes can have big impacts in our lives and our planet.

Here at Ecocamp Glenshee we care deeply about our world and the environment we live in; Thats why we-

  • Use Environmentally friendly cleaning, laundry and soap products;
  • Our PV cells feed electricity back into the grid;
  • Our log fired boiler heats our Bothy in winter;
  • Use ethically sourced furnishings such as rag rugs;
  • Our rescue hens provide eggs for the Bothy and and our scones and cakes;
  • Our fire pits are upcycled washing machine drums.
We ask you to:
  • Use our recycling facilities;
  • Not to bring plastic cutlery on site;
  • Use our BBQ fire pits and not use 'disposable' BBQs;
  • Tidy away litter and butts;

Together we can make the planet a happier place!