Top Tips for a grand day out at Glenshee Ski Centre!

22nd January 2020

Your day begins the night before: 

Is everyone's kit dry?
at Ecocamp Glenshee we have a drying rack above the wood burner in the Bothy.
Are the skis in the car?
you will of course have picked them up the night before, saving crucial ski time.
A good breakfast is essential
and to save time you can pre-order bacon rolls at Ecocamp!

Why this frenzy of organisation the night before?

To get you up for the first tow at 08:30!!
Runs are empty and you will have the first few slides to your self. Also, with young kids and harsh weather, just do a half day.
Early start, a couple of breaks during the morning and by lunch time they will have had enough. A half day ticket only really makes sense if you get an early start. An 08:30  start will give you four hours skiing, enough for most youngsters, if the weather is a tad rough. 

Before leaving

Get into all your ski stuff bar jackets and helmets and gloves, including boots, except the driver!!
Watching young children struggle into boots in the carpark on a challenging day is a pitiful sight - you don't want your bairns starting the day cold. Far better to park up, slip on jackets, gloves, Buffs, and helmets and goggles whilst the adults get the  pre-ordered tickets - and because you are there early there are no queues.
Travelling from Ecocamp only takes 15 minutes so you won't over heat.

Out of the car, few spins down Sunnyside and head away from the road as they open the resort up.

What to wear

People often say, "There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear." Rubbish. Give anyone the choice and they will always pick a lovely day! I have yet to hear anyone quote the famous lines on the Cairngorm Plateau in the teeth of a blizzard!!

But, good kit does certainly help. Layers are very important; thermals, followed by a couple of layers of fleece topped off by wind proof jacket and sallopettes. Two Buffs are a good idea-one skull cap style under the helmet and one covering the neck, chin and lower face. Goggles that fit are a bonus!!

Gloves and mitts are very important.

They should have "idiot loops" stitched on so you cannot lose them. They should also be long enough to seal the wrist up. Adults should carry a spare pair for the kids-it is a long ski back from Glas Moal with only one glove and frostbite would be a real danger.

Lunch time comes and enough is enough-blast down the road back to Ecocamp, get changed, hang up your kit to dry, warm up over lunch in the Bothy and get the kids out sledging in our fields. After dark, a wee snooze then head out for a meal in a local hotel.

A memorable day, building experience and memories in a beautiful corner of the world.

Our friends at Cally Ski Hire will stay open until 10pm on a Friday night for our guests, so that you can have your skis ready the night before.

Cally Ski Hire Phone:  07706 837044

Why Ecocamp?

  • 15 minutes from the slopes at Glenshee
  • Great Bacon Rolls for breakfast
  • Drying racks above the woodburner
  • Surrounded by fields for sledging